A Fresh Start!

I've taken a 7 year break from my blogging so let's catch up.. moved back to NYC, started working for Rapunzel's Closet in Palm Beach, FL, got married, had a baby. Feel like we know each other again? Good! Now we can move on to bigger and better things.
You are never really prepared to be a mom - it's baffling to me that the doctors actually let you leave the hospital with these little creatures without some sort of a class or at the very least a signed affidavit that you won't screw things up. Needless to say - when we brought the little guy home - we eventually figured it out. It turns out that we actually make cute kids.

This is all i've got for now! Hooked yet... didn't think so. I promise to come back with more enticing posts. I just had to get my feet wet again.

PS..tried on the Trish McEvoy concealer today and still like the Laura Mercier secret camouflage better.

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